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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hitting the Road

I have thirty seconds to write this post in between trying to cram the potty seat into the big suitcase and rushing off to make cashew-ginger sauce with soba noodles to eat at the hotel tonight. The Oral Hygiene family is heading out on a five-week road trip. Here's our itinerary:

  • Two days on the road to the Jersey shore to see my Old Man's family
  • Three weeks living under the same roof as my Old Man's parents and adult sister
  • A week in Cape Cod hanging out at the beach and writing poetry (I'll be writing poetry in addition to the beach, thanks to a grant I got to study at a small, windblown artists colony; the Old Man and O. will just be beaching it)
  • Back to the Jersey shore for another week with the East Coast grandparents and aunt
  • Two days on the road home to the Midwest

  • My thirty seconds is up. I'll be posting from Chez In-Laws when we arrive in New Jersey.


    Blogger Dawn said...

    I am sending you all my reserve Mommy energy. And I put up a special photo on my post today - just for you.

    9:22 AM  
    Blogger E. said...

    Thanks! I love me some floss. (And shout-outs, too!)

    2:17 PM  

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