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Monday, June 12, 2006

On Eagle’s Wings

Ah, the eagle, that venerable symbol of freedom and spiritual power. I didn’t even know that my son knew what an eagle was, but this afternoon as I was lounging about with O. and my Old Man I learned something new about eagles. New and rather disturbing. Here’s the transcript.

O: (apropos of nothing ) Mama, eagles poop in your butt!

Me: What?!?

O: (changing his story) I said that eagles poop in your butter.

Me: Whoa!

O: Yes. That’s why that is for. (points up.)

Me: The roof?

O: Yes, the roof is for stopping eagles poopin’ in your butter.

Me: (stunned silence.)

My Old Man: Wow. I’ve never appreciated the roof so much. It also keeps the rain out. But it’s been doing a great job with the eagle poop.

I’ll never look at eagles the same way. And I'm keeping the lid on my butter, roof or no roof.


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh, laws-a-mercy, that's good stuff!!! Those damned Eagles. I bet he picked it up from "Behind the Music"....hee....

I keep thinking longingly of your son's musical tastes: my boys fixate on ONE song at a time. One song, not one artist. Grumble, cuss, mumble. Oh well. :)

2:19 PM  
Blogger E. said...

Yes, of course. I always knew Glenn Fry was a sick fuck.

Your boys' one song obsession does make me appreciate O's obsession with lots of songs by the same band (though he does have his particular favorite. Every time we "rock out in the basement" we have to start with that one, "Misunderstood," or he pitches a fit). I'm also glad that, though his Wilco fixation continues, he's gotten more open-minded. He's especially fond of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record, which I also recommend highly.

7:53 PM  

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