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Friday, January 28, 2005

My Only Post, Presumably

This is not actually a blog. I just signed up for a blog spot so that I can post comments on my friend's Gone Feral blog about life at home with twin baby girls who are unbelievably adorable and a hell of a lot of work to take care of (but worth it). If you read this post at the bottom of a list of other posts, you will know that I have been sucked into the world of blogging without meaning to be, and you will laugh at my naivete in this my first (and presumably last) post. If you somehow find this "blog" (an intense interest in one of my favorite hobbies, the care and upkeep of a mouth full of healthy white teeth, might theoretically lead you here), and this is indeed the only post, you will nod your head approvingly at my level of self-knowledge.