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Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Remind Me of Someone, part I

Two days before Christmas my Old Man and I load our two precious offspring onto a 737bound for Newark, New Jersey, traveling to my dear's ancestral home for the holidays. It is, for various reasons, an exceptionally and unexpectedly long day of travel, at the end of which we are all fairly disoriented. Maybe that's why, as we are attempting to deboard the plane once it finally lands in Newark, I can't figure out what exactly the friendly flight attendant is saying when she begins admiring our baby.

Friendly flight attendant (through a big grin and a half an inch of make-up): Oh, she's so beautiful! She looks just like a tahmincaty baby!

Me: Huh?

FFF: She looks just like Tom and Katie's baby!

Me: (Thinking Is she working under the delusion that we have friends in common?) Who?

FFF: Tom and Katie's baby, Suri!

Me: Uh... (Thinking Holy Christ, she's talking about Tom Cruise.) Oh yeah, I see. Um, thanks?

I finally understand what she's saying, but I'm still a bit befuddled. My baby daughter has dark hair, blue eyes, and a round face, and in those ways she resembles the baby daughter of a famous maniacal scientologist and his cute young wife. I am not offended, and neither am I flattered. My thoughts quickly turn to more pressing matters: Let's get off this fucking plane and get some pizza.

But later I think: Really, how similar does my baby look to that baby? (Back, I guess, when she was a baby, since Suri Cruise is now more of a little kid.) And then, with the hubris that is a mother's right, I think: Really, isn't my baby much cuter?

I don't know. You decide.



Blogger Orange said...

Yes. Your baby is cuter because she doesn't have those squinchy Tom Cruise eyes.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, please! How can there even be a question about it? Roo is currently the cutest baby in the world.

Roo's grandma

2:48 PM  
Blogger LetterB said...

No contest. Roo wins.

P.s. You're waxing her eyebrows aren't you. They're perfect!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Sarah Sue said...

Suri looks Asian, probably because the sperm donor was Asian!Your baby is way cuter and doesn't look anything like Suri.

I would be offended too.

At least she didn't say Roo looked like a Britney Spears kid!

9:45 AM  
Blogger K said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Roo is cuter. Because she looks like a baby, not an animatronic droid.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Abso-feckin-lutely you may say that! Because it happens to be true. Your Roo is a stunning little doll.

I'm laughing at sarah sue's Brittney Spears comment...

3:52 PM  
Blogger Rayne of Terror said...

I do see a resemblence as far as they both have perfect noses... but Roo's eyes are so much more round and fetching.

6:06 PM  

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