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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Scary Stuff Soon, and in the Meantime: Poop Humor

Well, thanks to kind and encouraging commenters, I am planning to post excerpts of my dad-memoir-in-progress. I just have to figure out which chunk to start with. You'll see something here soon. And then I may actually start posting more than once every seventeen days, since I'll have a backlog of material. Things could get pretty crazy around here. Wait. I'll be talking about my dad. Things will certainly get crazy.

But before I begin with the heavy stuff, I have to share a wee poop story. (Heh heh. I said "wee" and "poop" in the same sentence.)

Tonight I was changing Roo's diaper after her bath. Just as I was slapping on the Pamper*, Roo let out a forceful fart. I laughed. She laughed. I said "Did you fart?" And she said "My poop barked!"

You can't make this shit up. And it seems to run in the family.

* We actually use Huggies, but "slapping on the Pamper" just sounds better. Don't come to Oral Hygiene Queen for slavish verisimilitude.


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