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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What We Dream About When We Dream About Obama

I had my second Obama dream last night.

My first happened back when Barack Obama was a mere presidential hopeful. He didn't even have the nomination yet. He came to my party wearing his iPod, behaved somewhat badly, and ended up being a Flaming Lips fan.

Last night's dream featured President Obama. I was having dinner with him, Michelle Obama, and a few other folks. Although everyone was quite dressed up, it was a casual dinner - a very regular room, with a modest table cloth, and the food just out there on the table, family style. I sat at one end of the table and President Obama sat on the corner, next to me, with his long legs stretched out and his feet propped on the edge of my chair. Somehow this made me feel rather special, like I was just one of the Obama gang.

It was a nice dinner. Everyone was witty and the food was good. The mood was jovial. I have no recollection of the particulars of conversation or cuisine, but I do vividly recall sitting at the table looking from Michelle to Barack to the aide in the sequined white dress thinking "I am so going to write a blog post about this!"


Blogger Lucky Star said...

I just got caught up on all your recent entries. Very satisfying.

I love your dream! So lovely! It's like...he's just one of us, but..he's the coolest-nicest-smartest one.

I can't wait to come see your family play a gig someday...
you guys are seriously the COOLEST family I've ever "known".

6:15 PM  

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