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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Silver Lining to the Looming Kardashian Cloud

Remember when I complained about how painful it is to witness the outsized and vapid fame of my former student Kim Kardashian? And how I wished ardently that she would just go away, somewhere out of the public eye? Well, she has only gotten more famous. There was that little wedding thing. Of course, she and her sisters are constantly on the covers of magazines from tabloid to popular-but-not-quite-trashy magazines. But I don't actually pick those up. What's really awful is that she's penetrated the world of media I actually consume. I've read more than one reference to her in the New Yorker and heard her discussed on The Daily Show, among other (many many other) references in the print and visual media locations I frequent in my relatively small media world. The other day my Old Man and I went to see Young Adult and scenes from one of the Kardashian reality shows were used prominently to establish the patheticness of the main character's daily life.

The more famous she gets, the more I seem to feel the need to admit that she was once my student, a fact that I almost never mentioned in the relatively modest days of her early "fame."

This morning in my new Poetry class, as I was passing out notecards for students to fill with relevant bits of personal information, I joked that I would read them carefully and cherish them always. "Or sell them on ebay, in the event that you become famous," I added. But then I had to admit that it was an unlikely scenario, given that I still hadn't figured out how to cash in on the seventh-grade photograph of Kim Kardashian I have in my possession.

"So if anyone knows someone who might want to pay big bucks for a picture of Kim Kardashian when she was in seventh grade, give me their contact information," I announced, mostly but not entirely joking.

"I'll give you fifty cents," one of my students offered.

"Hey, I'm also in the picture," I added.

"Okay, eight-five cents," he said.

And then one of my new students, who has clearly not heard my ambivalent claim to near-fame, asked, a bit confused, "Ms. Queen, did you go to junior high with Kim Kardashian?"

Aww. So sweet that my student thinks I might be anywhere near the same age as Kim Kardashian. Granted, I was a young teacher when I had her in class, but not that young.

So, a tiny silver lining. Ever so tiny. Hardly worth it at all.

But if I could sell that school picture, on the other hand....


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